All prices include new throttle shaft bushings installed

Add the screwed in barbed fitting for $20 extra.    <<<<<<<---------------------------------------------------------------------

To order send an email to

Please note, supplied carburetors are restored from original cores and may have some pitting, dings, or other marks as well as helicoil thread repairs.

If you need one with minimal defects I can supply for $70 extra if available.

If no re-plating is required, steel parts will receive a basic clean

The above new screwed in brass barbed fitting can be installed for $20 extra.

The original are a push-in fit and often come loose. This is a safety add-on.

About my re-bushing
My re-bushing uses special tooling specifically designed for throttle shafts. This ensures proper alignment of the butterfly. Quality bronze bushings will not wear the throttle shaft, and give many more years service than original.

I guarantee all my carburetor work for 3 years. Guarantee does not include failure of electrical parts, floats, misuse of the carburetor, any fault caused by original design, or any fuel inlet problem. I will not be responsible for any damage caused by the carburetor whatsoever.

Carburetors sent for restoration should be complete, prior arrangements are required if parts need replacing, and may increase the price.

Gold finish                 Silver finish

Installed carburetors are not returnable for a refund. If you do have any problems I will help the best I can though email. This may include returning for checking and testing if a problem cannot be resolved. Please contact me if you need help and before returning for checking.

Let me know if you would like

gold or silver finish to the re-plated steel parts.



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German 34PICT-3 cores wanted. Up to $30 credit given for extra cores sent

If sending a carburetor in for work, please add a note. An email before sending is preferable so that time frames etc can be discussed.

Throttle shaft bushings replacement only

Replace 2x throttle shaft  bushings on your carburetor  $79

Send  your complete carburetor, or just the base with the arms and nuts, this may save on shipping cost and avoid shipping damage.

For repairs to your damaged/broken carburetor, contact me for details.

Send 11 complete good German Solex 34PICT-3 cores, and Ill fully restore one and send it back to you, no charge.

Core credit for your old carburetor

If you purchase a restored 34PICT-3 carb I can give up to $35 core credit when you send me your complete old German 34PICT-3.  Send more to get more credit. Core carbs must be complete and same model, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Complete restoration

Prices for total restoration, new quality bronze throttle shaft bushings, valve, diaphragms, o rings, gaskets etc. All mating surfaces resurfaced and leveled to ensure a good seal. Steel parts re-plated on no core carbs, and body is gently media blasted to clean and produce a satin finish. I guarantee my work for 3 years, and will help as much as I can after this period. Where else can you find these benefits?

Restoring your carburetor

Restoring your core prices are for a complete carburetor strip-down and restored with new throttle shaft bushings, diaphragms, seals, o rings, float valve and gaskets, all  mating surfaces resurfaced and leveled to ensure a good seal. Re-plating the steel parts is $40 extra. Media blasting the body is a free option.  Stripped mounting stud threads are repaired free with a restore. Missing parts will not be replaced unless arrangements have been made.

Shipping Priority Mail within USA States is a Flat rate $15 per order