Repaired hole to early, about 1945 Volkswagen Huf carburetor

Fully restored German Solex 34PICT-3

Restored early Porsche 32PBIC carburetors, approx 1954

Before and after of rusty parts cleaned and re-plated


Restored Solex 26VFI (about 1943) with new parts fabricated


Restored German Solex 28PCI

2 Solex 26VFIS carburetors showing different finishes available

Cleaned, and mating area re-surfaced

This mid 1940s VW Solex 26VFI was broken totally in half! Using a special repair technique, it was restored

Restored German Solex30PICT-2

Restored 28PICT-1 with governor

German 34PICT-3 cores wanted. Up to $30 credit given for extra cores sent

Very early, maybe 1943 to 45 Solex 26VFI

30PICT-1 customized for race specs