$109 + $15 shipping

$12.99 + $2 shipping

$499 + $15 shipping

28PCI Carburetor vacuum fitting

German Solex 26VFIS Carburetor

​Fully restored, for Type 1 Bug

or Kubel Wagen from about

1949 to 1952

German Solex 26VFI Carburetor

​This carburetor has its original finish, looks to be NOS        Throttle shaft bushings were not replaced because there is no wear in the originals. Still has the original felt shaft seals and Solex float valve

Fully cleaned and checked

VW39, KDF or Kubel Wagen from about

1938 to 1949

VW Carburetor governor lead seal and wire

Fully restored pair of German Solex 32 PDSIT carburetors
Marked 32PDSIT-2 and 32PDSIT-3
12 volt chokes and cut-off valves
New throttle shaft bushings
Re-plated steel parts
For Volkswagen Type 3 engine
VW 98-1 and VW 99-1
New base gaskets included

German Solex 28PICT-1 Lower body NOS

Only one available at the moment

$22.99 + $5 shipping

German 34PICT-3 cores wanted. Up to $30 credit given for extra cores sent

4 x Butterfly screws. 2 x Throttle shaft 2 x choke shaft 

Correct M4x.75 and M3x.5 threads

$109 + $15 shipping


Shipping prices are for within USA

If your linkage is catching on the alternator you may need this

$9.99 + $2 shipping

$850 + $15 shipping

$1299 + $25 shipping

Solex 28PCI and earlier choke poppet valve spring

Accelerator pump linkage for Alternator

German Solex 28PICT-1 Top Body NOS

Only one available at the moment

$29.99 + $2 shipping

$14.99 + $3 shipping