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Before and after of the same carburetor

Rebuild, Restore or Service?

VW Solex Carburetor Restoration
Full Cleaning
Throttle shaft bushing replacement
Re-Plating of steel parts
Restoration of your own carburetor or supplying a complete restored one.
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Work done by Air-cooled VW enthusiasts for Air-cooled VW enthusiasts 

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Barbed fitting now available.
Carburetor is tapped and the barbed fitting is screwed in

So whats the definition of a re-built/restored carburetor ? Some seem to think giving it a clean and putting a new "service kit" on, and its rebuilt ! So if you replace the air and fuel filter, change the engine oil and clean the engine on your car, you rebuilt your engine ? All my carburetors are fully restored, every part is stripped down, cleaned and inspected. Throttle shaft bushing are always replaced. Mating surfaces are leveled to ensure airtight seal, steel parts are re-plated, main body is media blasted in and out. When everything is good, its carefully reassembled.